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Budaatai Khuurga - Будаатай Хуурга

Stew with rice, vegetables, and meat.

To eat mongolian can sometimes also remind of China. Since the old times, rice was imported from the southern neighbours, because it obviously doesn't grow in the mongolian climate. But the resulting dishes are still decidedly mongolian. Next to being used in soups (or in tea), the mongols eat rice most often in the form of this stew.


150-200 g Meat Traditionally, mutton is used, other types of meat such as beef work just as well.
Mongolians consider fat meat to be of higher quality, but there's no problem in using western style lean meat.
Borts can also be used.
250 g Rice
3 dl Water
2 p. Onions Cut in half rings.
2 p. Garlic cloves Minced
300-400 g Vegetables
- Carrots
- Bell peppers
- White cabbage
- others
Cut in stripes

Prepare the rice

Prepare the Vegetables

Serving suggestions