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Khandaamaa preparing Khailmag
Khandaamaa makes us some Khailmag.

Khailmag - Хайлмаг

Caramelized clotted cream (Urum).


Heat the Urum in a pan. The fat liquifies and seperates from the solid components. Add suger and flour, and mix on the stove to create a hevy pap. Scoop the liquid fat away and serve the finished Khailmag in a bowl.


Khailmag is eaten with a small spoon like a creme or a pudding. It tastes similar to crème brulée, very tasty! It isn't a smooth creme, though, but is thicker and has a rougher texture.


The seperated fat ("shar tos", yellow butter) gets used as a fuel for the candles on the altar in the yurt. Sometimes it may also be used for frying Khuushuur to honor a special guest, or for roasting the flour that goes into the rice tea.