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Mongol Arkhi - Монгол Архи

Light liquor made from Isgelen Tarag (Kefir, sometimes Airag is also used).

Distillation of Mongol Arkhi This completely transparent beverage has a good reputation especially among mongolian men, because it was traditionally the strongest drink available. We haven't found it as an industrially manufactured product, and in contrast to Airag it is rarely sold to the general public. Travellers will find it the most common occasion to taste a sample when invited as a guest into the yurt of a family of nomads.


Mongol Arkhi

The lack of temperature control given by the simple equipment results in a concentration of only about 10% aocohol, rather compareable with wine than with most other liquors. The end product has a somewhat caseous taste, with a slightly rancid note. It may take some getting used to, but Mongol Arkhi of reasonable quality is definitively palatable. On the other hand, the result of the third distillation phase can sport a taste as if a heard of goats had been marching through.

Other than with uncontrolled distillation of brandy and other fruit liquors, there's no risk to create methyl alcohol. The infamous "wood alcohol" originates from cell material of the plants (peels, stems). Since Mongol Arkhi is prepared exclusively from milk without any vegetable ingredients, it is impossible for the fermentation to produce any methyl alcohol.

Eruul mendiin toloo - to good health!

Aarz entsteht aus der Maische von Mongol Arkhi


Mongol Arkhi is consumed undiluted, typically downed.


The remaining mash is sifted dry in a cloth and used to produce Aaruul. The result has a stronger aroma and more acidity than normal Aaruul.

If the mash isn't dried, then it ends up as Aarz. This is something similar to cottage cheese, and can be used as an ingredient for a soup.