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Ul Boov - Ул Боов
Kheviin Boov - Хэвийн Боов

Shoe Sole Cake
Pattern Cake

This cake is made (or bought) for the buddhist new year's festival "Tsagaan Sar", as well as for personal festivities like a marriage. One name is derived from the shape, which reminds of the sole of a shoe, the other from the wooden block that is used to stamp the dough into shape.

The patterns in the center are stamped with a wooden block, the bulge around is also a result of the stamping. The pattern block is traditionally considered a family heirloom. Each family uses their own passed downs pattern.

On the festive table, the sole cakes get stacked into a big tower, which is filled with Aaruul and other sweets. There is always an uneven number of levels in the tower, and each level is formed by 5 cakes. At the top comes a little heap of Urum. The number of levels indicates the status of the family, which is determined by the age of the parents and the number of their children.