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Tsuivan - Цуйван

A stew with vegetables, meat, and fresh or fried noodles.


Noodle dough

300 g Flour
2 dl Water


200 g Meat without bones Traditionally, mutton is used, other types of meat such as beef or pork work just as well.
Mongolians consider fat meat to be of higher quality, but there's no problem in using western style lean meat.
Borts can also be used.
350 g Vegetables White cabbage and carrots, other vegetables at will
1 p. Onion Cut in half rings
2 p. Garlic cloves Minced
2-4 tblsp. Water
Possibly some spring onions Cut in rings

Alternatively to fresh noodles, Tasalsan Guril can also be used.

Prepare the noodles

Cook vegetables and meat

Cook the stew